Linda A.

I recently was treated for an extremely painful catch in my lower back. It was painful for me just to stand upright from certain positions. I had heard about the good results from PNT and was completely healed by Kissimmee PNT specialist, Lance Allen. With only one treatment, my pain was 100% relieved. I was really surprised and grateful for the relief. The procedure took less than 15 minutes; only light pressure was applied which was not uncomfortable. Lance was extremely professional and I had confidence in the way he performed the technique.

My husband has also been treated by Lance for complex and generalized fibromyalgia pain. This technique helps tight muscles relax and my husband had significant results and improvement in his pain.

We highly recommended those suffering from joint and muscle pain to try this treatment with Lance Allen.

Sharon R.

I have never been to the LA Pain Care Center, as I live in Pt. St. Lucie, not Kissimmee, but I wanted to add my experience with Lance Allen and the relief that I received from his treatment while he was visiting my home for Thanksgiving. I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back, hip and down into my thigh. I was working with a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist and while I was experiencing pain relief, I was not ready to have a houseful of guests and cooking for Thanksgiving. After hours on my feet I was in tremendous pain. Lance asked if he could help and worked on the areas where I was experiencing pain, using gentle pressure and PNT techniques. I might add that he did this while I lay on my pillow top bed. Laying on a soft bed and not on a treatment table was less than ideal, but I still received so much relief that I was able to finish the tasks that I needed to and better enjoy Thanksgiving with my family and guests.

Edwin F Rios

I have had back issues from my service in the Marine Corp since 2009 and Lance is an excellent therapist to go to. He is knowledgeable, friendly, and his techniques are great. LA Pain Care is a definite must for people in need of pain relief and I would highly recommend his services.

Chris Hammock

I have been very blessed to know Lance. For many years I have suffered with at times debilitating pain. I was in a very serious motorcycle accident in 2006. I used to live with a 5-7 on the pain scale with medication. Since I started seeing Lance there are days when I have 1-2 pain with no medication. I can’t tell you how this and Lance has changed my life. Pain is something that is hard at best to live with. I didn’t think it possible to get relief without medication. How I still deal with pain I just have the opportunity to get some real relief. Thanks to Lance and LA Pain Care Center.