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It has been discovered that Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) has significant benefit for children, adults, and elderly persons. PNT uses no narcotics, no patent medicine of any kind, no supplements or botanical remedies, only hands, and is not invasive in anyway. PNT is based on a carefully chosen series of gentle maneuvers of the body’s exterior soft tissues, which can literally “turn off” pain signals to any given area of the body. While very little in medicine and health care works 100 percent of the time, PNT is so effective at eliminating or substantially reducing chronic pain that it does seem hard to believe.

Many people can benefit from PNT (Pain Neutralization Technique). Whether you are in search of help in injury recovery and rehabilitation, looking for a healthful way to deal with day-to-day stress or simply interested in maintaining good health, PNT is a safe and effective form of health care. Click HERE for more information on PNT benefits.

Our practice is dedicated to improving YOUR wellbeing. We cater to clients of all ages including children, adults, and seniors. Our services include a variety of techniques that are designed to relieve pain and stress related to day to day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries.


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